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Govt. of Delhi vide order 181/2/94-dated 20/7/94 constituted the first Homoeopathic Advisory Committee for recommending schemes for the development and expansion of Homoeopathy in Delhi. The then members were as mentioned under:

Padam Shri Dr. K. G. Saxena, Chairman
Former Advisor (Homoeopathy), Govt. of India
50 C, Pocket A9, Gomti Apartments
Kalkaji Extension, New Delhi- 110019
2.Dr. Jugal Kishore
Former Advisor (Homoeopathy) Govt. of India
86, Golf Links, New Delhi
3.Dr. Diwan Harish Chand
Former Advisor (Homoeopathy) Govt of India
1, Hanuman Road, New Delhi
4.Dr. V. K. Gupta
Former Deputy Director (Homoeopathy), Govt. of Delhi
Principal, NHMC & Hospital, New Delhi
5.Dr. D. Banerjee
Organizing Secretary
Indian Institute of Homoeopathic Physicians
3A/36, W.E.A. , Karol Bagh , New Delhi
6.Dr. Mohinder Kumar
National Vice President
Indian Institute of Homoeopathic Physicians
B-1/18, NEA, Ganga Ram Hospital Marg, Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi- 60
Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi
7.Dr. Parimal Banerjee
President, International Institute of Advanced Homoeopathy
109, D- S. P. Mukherjee Marg, Calcutta-6
8.Dr. S. T. Hasan
IIHP, 2241 Kucha Chellan,
Dariya Ganj, New Delhi
9.Dr. R. K. Manchanda, Member Secretary
Assistant Director (Homoeo)
Govt. of Delhi.

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       Govt. of Delhi vide order no. dated 09/04/1999 constituted the second advisory committee. The present members of the Homoeopathic Advisory Committee are as under:

Dr. S. K. Zutshi, Chairman, C-22, Nizamuddin East, New Delhi.

2. Dr. Diwan Harish Chand, 1, Hanuman Road, New Delhi

3. Dr. Kewal Kishore Juneja, F-21, Preet Vihar, Delhi- 110092

4. Dr. Sushil Vats, 4-D, Navkala Apartments, Plot -14, I. P. Extension, Delhi-110092

5. Dr. B. S. Mathur, Principal, Dr. B. R. Sur College, Hospital and Research Centre Nanak Pura, New Delhi

6. Dr. R. K. Manchanda, Deputy Director (H), Nehru Homoeopathic Medical College Complex, B-Block, Defence Colony, New Delhi

7. Dr. Anil Sharma, 24, School Lane, Barakhamaba Road, New Delhi-110001

8. Dr. Mridula Pandey, 59, AIIMS Apartments, Delhi- 110096

9. Dr. Aditya Kaushik, 0-14, Pravana Vihar , Sector-9, Rohini, Delhi - 85

10. Dr. A. K. Gupta, F-85, Bali Nagar, New Delhi.

11. Dr. V. K. Khanna, Principal, Nehru Homoeopathy Medical Collage and Hospital, Member Secretary.

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Recommendations of Homoeopathic Advisory Committee :

The recommendations of the Homoeopathic Advisory Committee in the Advisory Committee Report are given as under:

1. Establishment of Homoeopathic Dispensaries:

       Keeping in view the popularity, effectiveness and low cost of homoeopathic medicines more and more new dispensaries should be established. New homoeopathic dispensaries should be established in existing allopathic dispensaries. The target of 30 dispensaries approved in the VIIIth Five Year Plan should be achieved under all circumstances. The provision of homoeopathic services should also be considered at the time of Planning of any new health care facility. All the new health centers should provide integrated health care facilities including homoeopathy. This will also ensure harmonious development and coordination among all the systems of medicines

2.Opening of Homoeopathic Departments in Govt. Hospital

       The role of Homoeopathy is well known in many surgical disorders i.e. renal stones, anal fistula, various tumors, piles, sinusitis, warts etc. Patients used to utilize Homoeopathic treatment for such disorders. IN many cases surgery can be avoided and patient gets relief with homoeopathic medicines only. The committee recommends that Homoeopathic treatments should be opened in existing Allopathic hospitals. The patients should be in a position to avail benefits of different systems of medicines.

3. Mobile Homoeopathic clinics for the rural areas of Delhi

       Directorate of Health Services is running 20 mobile clinics for Allopathic System of Medicine operating in rural areas and slums of Delhi. These clinics are providing excellent health care facilities to rural and JJ Clusters. Similarly Homoeopathic Mobile Clinics should also be started. The committee recommends that a Medical Officer (Homoeo) along with a Pharmacist (Homoeo) should be appointed for these clinics

4. Establishment of Homoeopathic Department in Tihar Jail 

       One Homoeopathic dispensary is functional for many years at Tihar Jail with the help of Directorate of Health Services. One Assistant Medical Officer was posted there on det ailment from the West Zone of the Directorate without any supporting staff. The unit in spite of being inadequately equipped is providing excellent services to the Jail Inmates. The unit is providing general as well as specialized Homoeopathic treatment to Drug addicts. Seeing the encouraging response of Homoeopathy, Mrs. Kiran Bedi , IG Prison has deputed six homoeopathic doctors as volunteers who claim conveyance charges only. It was felt that this adhoc arrangement might not last long. The committee expresses gratefulness and appreciation of Mrs. Kiran Bedi, I.G. Prison for promoting Homoeopathy in Tihar Jail and recommends that a separate department of Homoeopathy should be started with the minimum staff of six Medical Officers and six Pharmacists (Homoeo) on regular basis along with the supportive staff

5. Opening of a Homoeopathic department in the Institute of Human Behaviour and Allied Sciences

       Homoeopathy is very effective in the treatment of many psychiatric and mental diseases. The committee is of the opinion that a homoeopathic department on experimental basis should be started in this institution. Initially the department with the minimum staff of two Medical Officer (H) in the pay scale of Rs. 2200-400 + NPA, Two Pharmacist (H) and other supportive staff under supervision of a Senior Homoeopathic consultant should be started to undertake treatment of mental and nervous diseases, which can be further expanded in a phased manner.

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6. Homoeopathic clinics under the School Health Scheme

       For the growth of the nation it is essential to have healthy children. The School Health Scheme is providing excellent comprehensive health care services in the Govt. Schools. A study was carried out by Nehru Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital regarding the possibility of introducing Homoeopathy at the level of School Health Scheme. The study was carried out under the Deputy Director Health Services. Results of the study have revealed that Homoeopathy would be very useful for certain recurrent chronic infections i.e. tonsillitis, upper respiratory infections, allergies etc. Administration of Homoeopathic medicine is very easy and medicines are cost effective, which can prevent and cure may disorders in the children.

      The committee recommends that Homoeopathy should be introduced in 10 schools on experimental basis. After feedback and proper evaluation, Homoeopathic clinics may further expanded.
1. Development of Homoeopathic Research Facilities for clinical as well as basic research, drug standardization of Homoeopathy in Delhi: For the proper development and expansion of Homoeopathy continuous research is needed. Nehru Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital is doing excellent research work on different subjects such as AIDS, Drug addiction, Allergies etc. The committee congratulates and complements the faculty of the institution for continuing with this exemplary work without any separate budget provision for research projects. Govt. of Delhi is advised to encourage research activities in Homoeopathy by providing lump sum grant in aid to the institution for research activities under specific projects. Research in Tuberculosis, AIDS, and Allergies etc. should be started immediately

8. Pharmacy College in Delhi  

       There is no Homoeopathic pharmacy college in Delhi. There is need of qualified pharmacists in Homoeopathy for proper dispensing and manufacturing of Homoeopathic medicines. Govt. of Delhi is advised to start two years diploma course in Homoeopathic pharmacy

9. Opening of Homoeopathic Dispensaries under DESU, MTNL, DDA, DTC and ESI  

       Homoeopathic dispensaries need to be started in DESU, DDA, MTNL and ESI etc. These organizations should be requested to consider feasibility of starting homoeoapthic dispensaries in their respective organizations.

10.Establishment of separate Directorate of Homoeopathy under the Govt. of Delhi  

       The entire set up of Homoeopathy in the Govt. of Delhi is under the Director Health Services who is already greatly burdened by Allopathic Medical care institutions. The ISM & Homoeopathy cell with the bare minimum staff of Assistant Director (Homoeo) and Assistant Director (ISM) assists the Director Health services in development, planning, monitoring and administrative work related to ISM & Homoeopathy. This set up is most inadequate for the proper control of 33 Homoeopathic dispensaries, NHMC & Hospital, Delhi Board, other organization and planning of Homoeopathy in Delhi. In the VIIIth Five Year Plan Centre as well as all the states are required to establish separate department/Directorate of ISM & Homoeopathy. It is observed that for the development of Homoeopathy in Delhi, the administrative set up needs to be augmented immediately. The committee recommends that for the proper development, planning, monitoring of Homoeopathic institutions a Directorate of Homoeopathy with a separate budget provision should be established under the Govt. of Delhi.

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11. Formation of cadre of Homoeopathic doctors

       The committee strongly feels that the development of Homoeopathy in Delhi is not possible unless all the bottlenecks related to up-gradation and re-designation of the posts of Homoeopathic doctors (AMO, Demonstrators) are removed as a one time measure and all the Homoeopathic doctors working in the institutions of Govt. of Delhi are placed in the minimum grade of Rs. 2200- 4000/- + NPA as recommended by the IVth Pay Commission

       The committee has prepared a scheme for the formation of a cadre for Homoeopathic doctors working in a Govt. of Delhi. The scheme is based on Central Health Scheme cadre of Allopathic doctors and the recommendations of Central IVth Pay Commission. While preparing this scheme the committee has also taken into consideration the set up of Homoeopathy in Govt. of Delhi and other states and organizations.

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12. Support to Non Government Organizations

       In Delhi may Non Government Organizations are running Charitable Homoeopathic dispensaries and providing excellent services to community. AS we know there is shortage of space in the developed areas of Delhi and the establishment of new dispensaries in such area is difficult. The Govt. of Delhi is advised to prepare a scheme for providing Grant in aid in the form of medicines, equipments, salaries etc. to the Non Govt. organizations for the establishment of charitable homoeopathic dispensaries, hospitals and educational institutions. Help of social organizations such as Lions Club International, Rotary Club, Chambers of Commerce etc. could also be taken for expanding the homoeopathic network in Delhi.

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13. There is a strong demand from the Homoeopathic fraternity of Delhi for erecting a statue of Dr. Hahnemann, the founder of homoeopathy at some prominent place in Delhi and that the road outside Nehru Homoeopathic College and Hospital or road in front of the proposed 80 bedded homoeopathic hospital at Karam Pura may be named as " Samuel Hahnemann Marg""

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14. Dr. B. R. Sur Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital

       The committee visited Dr. B. R. Sur Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital on 15/9/94. Dr. B. R. Sur, Chairman of the trust took all the members on a round of the institution and showed all the departments. Unfortunately the administration and management of the college has been facing a number of problems including financial crunch, with the result the fresh admissions after year 1993-94 were stopped although the last batch was allowed to complete the course. Despite many shortcomings in the infrastructure, management, admissions and recruitments in the institution, Dr. B. R. Sur in his individual capacity has contributed a lot in the development of institutions. Dr. Sur also informed that in case further recognition to this institution is not granted, he would be converting the college to an Old Age Home. In the opinion of the committee this is unjustified, as it is believed that the land was allotted on concessional rates for Homoeopathic institution. In the interest of public and Homoeopathy this institution should not be permitted to close down as many student from Delhi are going to southern states for homoeopathic education and the seats in the Govt. Homoeopathic Medical College are limited where there arises the need for another college in Delhi

       The committee recommends that Govt. of Delhi should come forward to sign an agreement with the college management to ensure proper functioning, administration and future growth of the institution

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15. Homoeopathy Drug Control in Delhi

      There are eight manufacturing units and several chemist shops in Delhi. These units are controlled /supervised by the Drug Controller of Delhi in addition to other Allopathic Pharmacies and chemist shop. The Drug controller's office does not have necessary Homoeopathic infrastructure for the effective control of these units. Therefore committee recommends that a separate Directorate of Homoeopathy should be established in Delhi and this matter should be placed under the purview of this Directorate. A laboratory on the pattern of Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia Laboratory, Ghaziabad should be established in Delhi for Homoeopathic Drug Standrisation .

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* These are the recommendations of Homoeopathic Advisory Committee. This is for information. This may not be treated as a legal document.

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